Cantina Podere la Chiesa

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Cantina Podere la Chiesa
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Exa Engineering srl
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Podere La Chiesa is a monolithic building designed as a cellar in Tuscany, a region known world wide for wine production. The shell is a cast in place concrete structure characterized by a unique brownish surface. The cellar has a 26x37 m polygonal plan distribuited on two levels for a total height of about 11 meters. In order to achieve a flawless fermentation of the wine, special plants have been integrated within the concrete structure to guarantee a constant temperature inside the cellar. Two peculiarities distinguish this building: the facade is marked out with circular holes of different dimensions (from 50 to 200 cms of diameter) which represent the shapes of grapes. To obtain this holes various steel frames have been specialy designed whith both purpose of formworks and rebars.  Furthermore, in order to achieve uniform concrete walls whith no casting interruption, floor slabs were casted after walls construction. The connection between slabs and walls was made using 'sta boxes' integrated into the cast.