Bridge along the SP17

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Bridge along the SP17
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Fabrica Societa Cooperativa
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166 meter long Bridge along the SP17

The project involved the reinforcement work on existing piers and abutments and the demolition of n°5 spans in c.a.p.. its replacement with a mixed steel-concrete deck.

The bridge length is 166 meters and it is 11 meters wide. The new metal deck, positioned on 40 support devices, will consist of four types of steel beams with variable lengths and sections. Each ashlar will be formed by a pair of beams of similar sections and lengths braced at the top and underneath. The replacement of existing spans in c.a.p. with new elements in metallic carpentry creates a better bridge in front of seismic actions, transferring less stress to the substructures, given the lower mass of the elements in metallic carpentry. This important reduction in loads reinforces the design solution of maintaining and restoring the existing piles and shoulders, and proceeding with the replacement of the spans in c.a.p. with the new ones in metal carpentry.


What were the challenges and what made the project successful?

The real challenge was to reconcile the needs of the client and users while minimizing the impact on them. We are proud of this design solution because we think it is one of the best types of intervention for the maintenance of an existing infrastructural heritage. The use of Tekla Structures has allowed us to keep costs under control and control demolitions of the existing bridge, the reinforcement interventions, building in the workshop, the transport and assembly on site of the metal carpentry and the predalles slabs, the volumes and rebars of the new concrete slabs.


Project in numbers

  • The bridge length is 166 meters and is 11 meters wide, it is made up of 4 types of beams (Concio A-B-C-D)
  • Concio A length overall of 17.45 meters, with a constant height of 950 mm, about 17.700kg
  • Concio B length overall of 10.23 meters, with a variable height of 950 mm at 1200 mm, about 14.800kg
  • Concio C length overall of 10.23 meters, with a variable height of 1200 mm at 800 mm, about 12.500kg
  • Concio D length overall of 16.45 meters, with a constant height of 800 mm, about 13.600kg
  • About 356,000 kg including stiffeners, bracing and crossbars, and over 450 cubic meters of concrete and additional 100,000 kg of rebars
  • The cost of the works is approximately € 1.720.000,00
166 meters
11 meters
Project cost
1.720.000,00 euros
356,000 kg
Tekla Structures