Brandstegen elementary school

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Brandstegen elementary school
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Public projects
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Elementary school project

Brandstegen is an elementary school project located in Stockholm’s Midsommarkransen district. The new school is located in connection with an existing, now closed fire station built in the early 1940s which will be adapted to the school’s operations.

The new school to which Strangbetong will deliver precast elements consists of a rectangular shaped 6-storey building, which is connected via a link building to an existing fire station. Out of 6 stories, the bottommost one is located underground where the sports hall is located.

Strangbetong is responsible of delivering precast structure which consists of the following elements:

  • Load bearing and partitioning gray walls,
  • Columns of which two are made of white dyed concrete,
  • Single layer external walls made of white and beige dyed concrete,
  • Insulated sandwich walls made of white and beige dyed concrete with semicircular reliefs and benches
  • Hollow Core slabs
  • Massive slabs

Out of all the mentioned above elements the facades are the most challenging elements both for design and production. All features of the facades such as semicircular reliefs, cast-in benches, slopes, water drainage details have been modelled in Tekla which made the design process much easier not to mention the inter-branch cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that all of the branches are using BIM software, which makes the design process and coordination far more efficient and error proof.

Apart from CES and Strangbetong there are 2 structural contractors working on this project which uses Tekla software to deliver steel elements:

Peikko – delivering deltabeams,
Integra/PE – delivering steel elements


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