BIM Center and Sustainable Infrastructure Building

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BIM Center and Sustainable Infrastructure Building
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Universitas Diponegoro; Dheni Prasetia W, M Lanang Gilang P
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Green Building

BIM’s progress in Indonesia encourage Universitas Diponegoro to stimulate BIM research activity by making new research group and building a BIM center that is Gedung Pusat BIM dan Infrastruktur Berkelanjutan (BIM Center and Sustainable Infrastructure Building).

The building theme is Green Building, so we intended to minimize the energy usage of this building by maximizing natural light. First, the architectural model and sunlight simulation are made in Revit, then the data exported to be reference models in Tekla Structure. After the Structural BIM is done, we use Trimble Connect to check and made some correction to the model. Our project also use local environmental friendly materials such as natural stone, and timber to minimize the project waste. So the project will gave positive impact to the environment. The concept and the complexity in the project made our project so special in terms of the design.

Tekla Structures, Trimble Connect