Bendigo Hospital Victoria

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Bendigo Hospital Victoria
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Public projects
Bianco Precast
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The new Bendigo Hospital in Victoria will feature 372 in-patient beds, 10 operating theatres, an integrated cancer centre, a mental health unit and a helipad, in addition to a mix of small commercial developments.
Bianco Precast in South Australia is a company at the forefront of the construction industry, with deep track record in delivering projects with BIM requirement was nominated to supply 1400 units of precast i.e. façade, column, fins and canopies.
With Tekla Structure, Bianco was able to create information-rich model used to create shop drawings. Visualization in 3d gives a better understanding of the project ensuring an accurate modular interaction with other precast, steel and in-situ concrete. Being able to Colour Code the different stages of the design from Preliminary, Sent for Approval and Issued for fabrication also benefited Bianco in tracking and adjusting the workloads of the drafters.