B&B Airport Hotel Rümlang

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B&B Airport Hotel Rümlang
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As total contractor, Methabau had full responsibility for the project including complete planning, 3D/BIM, detailed design as well as construction.

All project parties were required to utilize BIM, and all trades were centrally coordinated in Tekla Structures as the core BIM solution.

Due to the close proximity to the airport, the hotel requires increased noise insulation. This was achieved by using plastic windows with special insulation on the inside and added security glass on the outside. In order to ensure efficient erection, a CNS frame was modeled as a permanent formwork, fabricated and installed into the precast elements.

As the available space in the area of the riser shafts (shafts for HVAC installation) was very limited and there was little time for installation on site, 18 riser shafts were pre-constructed in the factory. The shafts were delivered to the construction site by specialized transport and lowered from the top into the building.

Methabau worked with two models in Tekla Structures. One main model and a model for the pre-fabricated riser shafts. Additional IFC reference models were used for rebar, MEP and the installations / development by the tenant. To increase transparency and give a better overview, 2D DWG floor plans were integrated into the Tekla Model and BIMsight model, including dimensions, marks and hatches. Installation of HVAC in BIM model.

Timeline: Construction started in August 2017. The building shell was completed by the end of January 2018. The handover to the operator for interior construction is done in phases Ground floor from April 26 / 1st floor  June 1, 2018 / 5th floor; completed on June 15, 2018. Operation is planned to start on August 21, 2018.

Project in Numbers

- Constructible model (LOD 500)
- 1,800 m² plot
- 13,200 m³ construction volume
- 4,290 m² gross area
- 3,600 m² net usage area
- Low Budget Hotel / 6 floors, 170 rooms
- Possibility to re-use as commercial building
- Owner: Hess Investment AG
- Renter: B&B Hotels SAS
- 6,400 m³ excavation
- 4,500 t CIP concrete
- 2,100 t precast elements
– 480 t (170 pieces) prefabricated showers
- 18 prefabricated riser shafts including the complete MEP
- 5,500 hours METHABAU Plan AG
- 23,000 hours METHABAU Bau AG
- > 2,000 overview and detailed plans from TEKLA

Use of robotic stations and scanners on site.



Rümlang, Switzerland
LOD 500
Cast in place concrete
4,500 tons
Precast elements
2,100 tons