Aurinkokivi, multi-purpose service building

Project name: 
Aurinkokivi, multi-purpose service building
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Public projects
City of Vantaa, Fira, Playa Architects, Optiplan, Engineering Office Laaturakenne, Engineering Office Sormunen & Timonen, Sweco, Projectus Team, Stacon, RM-Hitsaamo, Parma
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Built in two phases, Aurinkokivi is the most large-scale new construction in the City of Vantaa for the years to come. This multi-functional building is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016, after which 500 elementary school students can move in. In addition, the building will house a daycare center, maternity clinic, and music and art classes. BIM-based implementation follows Vantaa’s strategy to completely digitalize, information-manage, 3D-visualize and model their city. As the project owner, by implementing a BIM-based process, the City of Vantaa strived to also benefit from the model during construction. Their strategic choice was to apply BIM on a very accurate level in order to better manage construction quality, costs and schedule.

With Tekla Model Sharing functionality it was considerably easier for the participants to communicate and cooperate in the project. Above all, a shared precast concrete contract was much easier to realize compared to each agency working on their own model. For the design phase, the biggest benefits were considered to be better cooperation and easier design management, as the model illustrated how to best match the building’s geometry and its technical systems.

Both electrical and mechanical engineers thought that creating hole reservations was easier than before because they did not need to wait for plan approval from each discipline. Moreover, they were able to review routings in the model. Architectural and structural designs were also more compatible using BIM compared to a project carried out in a more traditional way.