8-floor office building ASTORIA

Project name: 
8-floor office building ASTORIA
Project category: 
UPB engineering
Project location: 

8-floor office building in Stockholm

Astoria is an 8-floor office building in Stockholm, Sweden.

The stability of the building has been provided by concrete walls, steel braces and composite columns which are fastened together with shear dowels and a seam connection system.

Hollow core slabs (HCS) together with perimeter reinforcement, provide a stiff diaphragm, which transfers horizontal loads to concrete walls and steel braces.


The project in numbers. Base amounts (in tender stage):

  • Steel constructions – 290 tons
  • HCS265 – 6 256 m2
  • Massive slabs – 42 m2
  • Massive walls – 1 540 m2
  • Project team – 5 people
  • Project duration – 11 months  

What were the challenges and what made the project successful?

A feature of this object is its construction in a small space between existing buildings and adjoining one of them, which required high accuracy in the production and installation of building structures. A rich detailed modeling of the nodes and elements, ensuring high quality design, modeling and production in a short time was possible within the Tekla Structures software package.

Additional challenge was that the building has a large number of nodes, where the elements are adjacent to each other at different angles and in different planes. Modeling of such units (including their detailing for production under factory conditions) could be impossible (or much more complicated) without the Tekla Structures software package.

Steel constructions
290 tonnes
6 256
Project time
10,5 months
Project team
5 people
File types
Tekla Structures