18 Appartementen te Meterik

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18 Appartementen te Meterik
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Ingenieursbureau Wijers
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Wijers engineering is  working with Tekla Structures Software since the beginning of 2015. The company “Bouwmij Janssen”, client and contractor, gave us the requirement to use the BIM principal. This was the perfect opportunity for us to gain experience in the usage of BIM.

Despite the fact that we had worked with Tekla for a half year before, the modelling of a complete structural model was quite satisfying for us. Especially the modelling of the reinforcement gave us a lot of time by generating the overview and reinforcement drawings.

The main purpose of our model was to generate all the general construction drawings with minimum margin of error. The contractor imported the model in Bimsight together with all the other IFC-models from the architect and subcontractors to generate clash-rapports. In this way we tried to improve the quality of the building at the design stage instead of solving the problems afterword’s at the building site.

We decided to submit this model for the Tekla Bim Awards because we wanted to show other companies that BIM isn’t only a work method for the bigger companies. Beside that we noticed that the main reason that colleague companies gave us, when asking why they are still not working according to the BIM-working method, is that they think it requires too much time to make the switch. We think that this project, which we managed to complete within a year of working with the BIM-software  we proved the oppositie of this statement. As a young company we are very proud we won the Tekla Benelux Bim Award in the category commercial projects.