Transmission Towers

You can increase productivity of modeling all kinds of transmission and telecommunication towers and substation gantries, from creating the foundation plan to designing the tower layout and detailing the connections. Optimize your production and reduce errors in fabrication and erection with a new, higher level of collaboration and automation.

Effective estimation and design

An as-built 3D prototype allows you to speed up estimation and design process and create more accurate bids. Because Tekla’s tower template and components bring efficiency to detailing you can avoid time-consuming manual work and human errors.

Solution that benefits the entire tower project

With Tekla software you can produce an accurate 3D model of the whole tower: foundations, tower body, cage, cross arms and peak plus bracings, ladders, platforms, and body and leg extensions. The 3D model is the go-to source for quantities, drawings and project scheduling. The model interfaces with MIS systems and CNC machinery while the software integrates with the leading tower analysis solutions and complies with industry standard formats.

Smooth project management

Engineers, detailers, project managers, and other parties can view or control the model simultaneously because everyone has access to reliable project information throughout the entire project lifecycle. Conflicts get exposed already during modeling, not on site. Centralized model data enables collaborative and integrated way to manage and deliver projects. Quality control is assured as the information, including assembly drawings and lists of materials, is easy to access and always up to date. Smooth change management and revision control minimize costly errors.


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  • Accurate, as-built 3D models
  • Smooth integration with analysis & design
  • Efficient design and detailing
  • Linking to production machinery
  • Installation scheduling



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