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Escondido Village Graduate Housing - 2018 Tekla North American BIM Awards

Stanford University is a private research institution with over 16,000 students including 9,000 post graduates. To help meet its housing needs, Stanford decided to replace several of its current low-rise wood frame graduate apartments and with high quality mid- to high-rise buildings. The project, Escondido Village Graduate Residences is a collection of four residence halls of Type I construction, that range from 10, 8 and 6 stories providing 2,434 beds. Today, Stanford only houses about 55 percent of its 9,000 graduate students in on-campus housing. When complete, Stanford estimates the project will increase its on-campus graduate housing rate to approximately 75 percent. This project had challenges that were overcome by the use of Tekla Model Sharing. First, managing the scale of this project and the repeatability between buildings required everything to be within one model. Without being able to sync just changes, the model size would have been too large to work efficiently. Secondly, with over 3,000 unique cast units, which required offshore resources, required important coordination and communication. Tekla model sharing enabled multiple people to work on the model at the same time all while staying on the same page. Vote now, public voting will close on June 22nd.!