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Taking your Rebar Detailing to the Next Level with the Newest Tekla 2020 and the New Rebar Elearning

Trimble has recently introduced the latest versions of its Tekla software solutions for advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM). This new version delivers rebar detailing enhancements, such as rebar rounding at the model, set and modifier levels, which allow more intuitive control, and efficiency when detailing and documenting reinforced cast-in-place concrete.

Why is rebar detailing relevant?

In a world asking for faster, more durable, and efficiently constructed buildings, it is essential to reinforce these structures appropriately with consideration to constructibility, efficiency, safety, and environmental concerns. Reinforcement bars are the most critical component apart from the concrete as the rebar are providing strength to the whole structure.  Therefore, accuracy plays a vital role in rebar detailing in terms of the quality of construction and cost estimation.

Besides, a proper rebar detailing ensures that other elements such as plumbing, embeds, and other reinforcements fit well into the construction.  Considering that the reinforcement costs are about the third part of the total structure costs, a meticulous and accurate design is necessary to reduce clashes as early as possible, and to minimize the waste that occurs for producing wrong bars and other elements. 

Tekla 2020, what is new for rebar?

Tekla is the most advanced BIM software for rebar detailing and reinforced concrete construction and management. Modeling rebar in Tekla is easy, intuitive but most of all exceptionally accurate. You can efficiently communicate, coordinate, and transfer information that enables you to improve your rebar assembly and construction productivity of reinforced concrete structures. With Tekla you can detail any rebar structure in 3D, have the software number automatically and generate all documents directly from the model without drawing a single 2D line. By automating your rebar detailing process with Tekla you can prevent detailing, documentation, and coordination errors, save time and adapt to project changes effectively. You can find, use, report, and transfer information efficiently according to your process needs and drive efficiency and quality in fabrication and the field.


Several improvements and additions have been made to make the rebar detailer work easier than before: 

  • The layering function, as such, has been revamped. For example, a new creating method, creating set by guidelines, has been added. Now you can select the bar and decide on which face you want to create the bars on. You could also choose if you want one set of rebar or two. 
  • You can automatically scale the spacing zones, which means that the manual work you use to do for it is now mitigated. 
  • The layer numbering has also been improved. Now the automatic layer number reverses back to Automatic. You can define the layers where you want to add the bars too. 
  • The new layer improvements give you much flexibility. Most of the developments set many functions of layering automatically. However, you have the option to decide if you want the information to be generated automatically or to do it manually. 
  • In the improved Part coord system cover, there is now a new section to choose whether to use the part global coordinate system or the local one. In practice, it means that you have three options (empty, global, and local) to select depending on your willingness to use the options dialog to set those manually or both. 
  • In terms of drawings improvements, the workflow for creating rebar dimensions marks has changed. Now the process has been simplified by the use of a new single command.
  • Other improvements include the introduction of several shortcuts. 

Learning to use Tekla  for rebar detailing?

Now you can take an extensive elearning course, which includes everything you need to get started with Tekla Structures as a rebar detailer. You can learn for free, and the course is open for everyone. No previous experience is required. 

Start your rebar elearning right away, here!