Tower of Voices

Project name: 
Tower of Voices
Project category: 
MacInnis Group
Project location: 
United States

The Tower of Voices is a monumental structure dedicated to the heroic passengers and crew of United Flight 93. It is designed as a ninety-three feet tall musical instrument holding forty wind chimes, representing the forty passengers and crew members. The shape and orientation of the tower are optimized to provide the proper air flow to the chimes. Each chime is designed to create its own distinct musical note. The tower rises from the surrounding landscape just inside the entrance to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA.

Our role in the project was to provide the precast columns, spandrel beams, and cap pieces for the tower as well as two precast benches.

93 ft.
Spandrel Beams
2-Piece Stacked Columns
Radial Precast Benches