Tanque Alamacenamiento

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Tanque Alamacenamiento
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Small projects
Servid Soluciones
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This project consisted of performing the detailed mode and functions of an Acid Storage Tank located in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. The scope of the project consisted of the zig-zag ladder at one end of the Storage Tank, at the other end, a marine ladder, at this bridge through the 28m long tank, and finally at the tank perimeter platform for operation and maintenance. The storage tank is 24.38m inside diameter and a total height of 17m. As it was working in 3D Modeling, as well as in the detail of the manufacturing plans. Finally, visualizing the assembly plans of the structure we will obtain 3D visualizations for the successful assembly. The development of the engineering was completed in 40 calendar days.

17 mts
Project Duration
40 days