Deadline for entries is Friday, June 14, 2019

You can enter more than one project but only one project per category.
This is your only opportunity to “sell” your project to the judges and the public - so make it count!

1.  Collect the project material

The most important part in your project entry is the material package including the Tekla Structures project/model folder. High quality model images, photos and drawings are essential too. The entry form asks for:
●    A company description 
●    A project description
●    The challenges that made the project successful
●    The benefits of using BIM and Tekla software
●    The project in numbers

2.  Create a Trimble Connect project and upload your files.

In order to share your project, you will need to submit your project through our collaboration platform, Trimble Connect. For instructions on how to create a Trimble Connect Project, click here. If you have any issues creating your project within Trimble Connect, please email us at

Your project entry data should as a minimum contain:

  • A description of the project in at least 500 words including a quote on how Tekla software improved the build process. 
  • Tekla Structures model (.db1) and the environment in which it was created. Please include custom profile and bolt catalogs (if applicable).
  • Submit an IFC file including bolts and reinforcement. Also include reference models that are aligned with the Tekla IFC file in Trimble Connect (if relevant).
  • Tekla Structural Designer model (.tsmd) with corresponding IFC file export
  • High resolution screenshots of the model, use Tekla Structures built-in screenshot tool to capture a few different whole model and detail images from the project (.PNG or other image format).
  • Sample drawings of the projects (in PDF format).
  • High resolution photos or architect visualizations of the project (in any image format)
  • Company logo(s) involved in the project.
  • If you wish to submit your own video of the project, it must be maximum 2 minutes long; otherwise, we’ll create one for you using the IFC file within Trimble Connect.

3. Invite us to your project! 

Once you've created your project in Trimble Connect and placed all required materials there, invite as an administrator of your Trimble Connect project so that we can access your project for the voting process and judging panel.

4. Submit the official entry form

Use the official entry form to convey the best parts of your project! Tell us about the challenges you faced, the innovative ways you worked and how Tekla software transformed the way you work! 

2019 Tekla North America BIM Awards Project Entry Form

If you encounter any problems with the submission process, contact and we will try to help.