Statue of Liberty Museum

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Statue of Liberty Museum
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Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
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The Statue of Liberty of Museum is located on Liberty Island in New York and is within walking distance of Lady Liberty.  This new museum replaces the museum that was located in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.  Construction began in October of 2016 and the museum officially opened on May 16th, 2019.  Entry to the museum is free to all visitors of Liberty Island and the only cost is for the ferry ride to the island.  

The museum consists of a simple, flat low-roof and complex, sloping high-roof consisting of nearly a dozen different roof planes.  The high roof features an expansive green roofscape that is home to a variety of vegetation native to the island, and also an observation deck allowing patrons an elevated 360-degree view of the surrounding iconic skyline and lady liberty herself. The building’s walls were a combination of full-height glass on the walls facing the Statue of Liberty and pre-cast concrete panels for the balance. The museum was designed such that the first floor of the museum is above the 500-year flood level.  

Inside the museum features the original Statue of Liberty Torch that was replaced in 1986 and was previously displayed in the original museum located in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.  The museum features three distinct galleries to allow the 4.3 million annual visitors to learn about the rich history and symbolism of the site.  These three galleries include the immersive theater gallery, engagement gallery, and the inspiration gallery.  The immersive theater gallery features an 8 to 10-minute video on the history of Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty.  The engagement gallery showcases various multi-media displays and artifacts that explains the creation of Liberty’s construction.  The inspiration gallery contains the original torch as well as additional digital experiences.  


Main Members
226 tons
Size of Building
180'-0" x 262'-0", Height - 27'-0"