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This project consists of a luxurious shopping and recreation center, located in the hotel and business zone, on an important road a few blocks from downtown Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico. This complex is made up of two hotel towers that surround the common areas that house restaurants, offices and other businesses. The whole project was built in a combination of prefabricated pieces and other castings on site; as well as some areas made with steel structures. The foundations were made using piles cast on site, anchoring the building to the rock located in the natural terrain, against the strong winds of possible hurricanes, very characteristic of the Península de Yucatan. This foundation cast on site, houses connectors designed to support the prefabricated structure. The prefabricated elements such as trabes and slabs were designed according to each case to be connected to the columns by means of gravity systems and connection knots cast on site and others with specially calculated welding systems. These connections and parts assemblies were solved with the creation of some custom components.