Massy House

Project name: 
Massy House
Project category: 
Olson & Co Steel
Project location: 
United States

This Massy House project was one of our most challenging projects in a very long time.  This is an exclusive residence in the city of Atherton, right in the heart of Silicon Valley.  The architect on this house was the well-known Frank Gehry and does not like anything straight or square.  This alone makes any steel detailer work extra hard in trying to manipulate steel into those intriguing shapes and forms required to maintain the design.  The structural engineers on this project also had their hands full.  Throughout the project, we had weekly BIM coordination meetings with the owner, architect and structural engineers to go over unique connections and situations occurring as we modeled the steel.  The structural portion of this project was almost design built thought the span of the steel modeling.  This challenging project is a great example of the advantage that we have over many fabricators simply because we have the capabilities in-house to detail using Tekla Structures, fabricate and erect.  Our project managers can simply walk over to the detailers, field/shop foreman to collaborate over project status to ensure our clients will be satisfied with our work.

285 tons