La Roca - Edificio Morteros

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La Roca - Edificio Morteros
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Aceros Arquitectonicos
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In  2018, we had the opportunity to develop, manufacture and assemble this type of industrial facility, located in the quarry of a national company that is dedicated to the extraction, crushing and handling of the raw material for the manufacture of cement and their derivatives.   DRAFT: we provide de 3D model, workshop plans and the assembly of a building that is made up of 11 levels of WF profiles totally bolted in their connections, all the manufacture stager stages, supply, and installation of paints, erection of structural steel works and coatings for the same; This structure contains 10 storage silos of crushed material, hoppers, and ducts; These networks are connected to the equipment that is imported abroad, they are successfully fulfilled with all the established schedule activities. Specialization and silos, thanks to the versatility that Tekla Structures provides, this was the software par excellence and ideal to complete such an elaborate building, as a millimeter precision required in all critical points, the record of the manufacture of the pieces that make up the assembly components of the work.   MANUFACTURING:The entire manufacturing process was the responsibility of architectural steels, in which CNC machines and automated assembly processes were used that lead to a better optimization of materials for this structure, even for small parts; The design and the stroke by "artisans and masters" of the automatic welding, directed with a high profile of qualified personnel for the supervision of the project that took care of every detail, strengthening the quality that has been a company during the years.   THE ASSEMBLY STAGE: ASSEMBLY STAGE: As a fundamental part of the design of the construction and assembly of the structure, Aceros Arquitectónicos demonstrated the impact of its focus on providing the best experience in the processes of engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of metal structures. The design of the assembly was based on the unification of the pieces at floor level and some others from the workshop, which was foreseen in the stage of modeling in Tekla, through the separation of the phases of the pieces, which would result in the gradual and systemic construction of the building. In addition to this, Tekla's complementary tools such as BIMsight and Tekla Field 3D will broaden the scope for you to identify the risks acquired and the commitments acquired, highlighting one of the values of the company in charge of what innovation is.  
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