Industrial Process Facility

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Industrial Process Facility
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Our project is a multi-phased expansion of an existing (brown field) petrochemical facility in a large refinery in an industrial region in the southern area of the USA, near Houston, Texas.  We are working in the capacity of subcontractor on the project to a larger design and construction management organization. The project schedule duration was 3 months.  Our scope of work included; installing erosion control measures, demolishing existing concrete structures, preparing subgrade, managing a deep foundation (drilled pier) contractor, rebuilding multiple containment and foundation structures, along with building new containment and foundation structures.

The project is on a very secure petrochemical manufacturing facility and for this project, the project footprint is less than 1.5 acres (6000 square meters).  Therefore, excess material storage is not available.  The exact sequence, time, rate and pace of deliveries (including rebar, formwork, form accessories, equipment, concrete, etc.) to the facility must be well planned and integrated into the daily operations of the plant.  

Secondly, due to the lack of available space, those materials that will not be reused must be removed from site as soon as possible.  Therefore, we must determine exact numbers of components that will be reused and those that will be demobilized before we begin the work, during our pre-construction planning process. For this project we determined that a deep storm water containment lift station in the center of the project was the critical path due to the complexity and depth.

Project Cost
660 cubic yards
Lift Station
174 cubic yards