Ice Blocks 1

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Ice Blocks 1
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LB Construction
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Fall of 2016 we broke ground on Ice Block One, a new and exciting piece of the R Street Corridor revitalization in downtown Sacramento, CA. Now, as the final rails are being installed, it is obvious that this structure and the area around it, will be a key feature in the Midtown District for many years to come.

Ice Block 1 is a 4 story mixed use building totaling approx. 163,000 SF with one level of underground parking. With its unique all wood structural design, this project is one of the West Coasts most iconic projects. It is the first timber-framed mid-rise to receive permits in Northern California.  By showcasing its concrete, steel and heavy timber structure, the new building pays homage to the industrial Crystal Ice Plant that occupied the site for a better part of 100 years.  When completed, the structure will house commercial retail and office spaces to compliment the adjacent Ice House project which consists of two towers of 142 apartment homes built for modern urbanites.

We performed the Structural Steel and Rough Carpentry work on this project.  Our role was pivotal and both trades being in the same building we were able to correspond effortlessly.  Each division used the Tekla model for pre-construction information.

Project Cost
575,000 lbs