Horno 5

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Horno 5
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Cano Estructuras
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Constellation Brands and Owen Illinois, signed an agreement to expand the packaging plant of Industria Vidriera de Coahuila that will become the largest in the world.The manager of Public Relations of Constellation Brands, reported that after formalizing an investment of 140 million dollars with Owens Illinois in this packing machine where half of the shares are divided, it was agreed to expand the plant in Nava, Coahuila. The expansion will involve the purchase of a fifth furnace financed by both companies, and become the largest container producer in the world and with the best technology, along with the other four that are already working. Cano Estructuras, as part of the project of the fifth furnace, was in charge of the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly of the structure. The project consists of a model of more than 2 thousand tons of structural steel, which was modeled in the Tekla Structures Software, from which all the manufacturing drawings were obtained as well as the information for the assembly of the structure. The model consists of rolled profiles, as well as rigid frames with elements formed by plates (Tapered Beams). It also has cold rolled elements for the roof and the modeling and manufacture of miscellaneous such as stairs and handrails, and more than 25 tons of bolts. During the modeling and engineering process, it was necessary to model concrete elements such as some walls and foundations for the correct location of embedments and the control of the coordinates of all the construction elements. The kilns will consume 160 thousand cubic meters of natural gas at the day, with which 400 tons of glass will be produced in each one, which will allow the elaboration of glass containers that Cervecera de Coahuila, subsidiary of Grupo Modelo, will require.

2,000 tons
Total Cost
$140 million