Edificio Vivo 4

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Edificio Vivo 4
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Aceros Arquitectónicos
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VIVO 4, a functional urban project The time and money that Guatemalans lose in traffic is getting bigger and bigger. The real estate project, "Vivo Zona 4", offers a solution to this exhausting reality that exists in Guatemala City.

Modus Vivendi's innovative proposal contemplates housing, entertainment and commerce in a very functional way.

Three interconnected towers are combined by walkways, pedestrian accesses to the main roads and buildings. The project is located on 24th street, in front of seventh avenue, in the center of zone 4 in the capital.

Due to the aforementioned, the person who thought about the construction of something so innovative was that they took us into account as a company, in the construction of said project and taking into account that we have experience, cutting-edge technology, support and solidity.

The current project "Vivo Zona 4" is composed of two towers, tower 2 which consists of 19 levels and tower 3 which consists of 19 levels + 5 basements making a total of 29,152.50m² of construction and a metallic structure weight of 1,951.75 Tons , which are connected to an existing tower. The project has been designed taking into consideration the combination of steel and concrete while maintaining an excellent synchronization of tasks between metal and concrete.

In order to carry out the project, Tekla Structures software was used, which was very helpful since it was possible to identify problems in the future as well as being able to have a better vision of the magnitude of the project, and see its progress. As for modeling work, it could be carried out in phases to be more agile throughout the manufacturing and construction process. It has been able to facilitate better controls in the weights of the elements to be assembled, taking into account that it depends a lot on the type of Crane to be used.

We have excelled in the market thanks to our experience and BIM technology, which consists of detailed information on a building, including aspects related to both its design and its maintenance, in order to avoid the loss of resources. and more accurately manage the time in the construction of the structure, or avoid unnecessary costs in future remodeling

Metallic Structure
1,951.75 Tons
Total Construction
Multi-Material Winner