Bridge House

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Bridge House
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Bridge house is a high end residential building located in Aspen, Colorado. This 3-story house project includes structural and galvanized exterior framing with custom structural and architectural components. The gross floor area of the house is 12,111 square feet and is divided into 4 different areas for project phasing and construction scheduling. The structural columns are typically HSS shapes and structural beams are typically wide flange beams. Most structural framings are detailed to connect to wood joist framing and sheathing, either through wood blocking in beam web or welded threaded studs. Steel beam penetration holes are also detailed throughout the entire project as the mechanical units need to be hidden in the ceiling for architectural finishing purpose. Some steel connections also includes anti-vibration pads as required by structural engineering designs. Except the structural framing for the house itself, a roof garden system is also included in this project with all member detailed as galvanized steel. The steel framing for this roof garden is detailed to be bolted to the main structure and also to the roof awning systems.

87 tons
Total area
12,111 sq. ft.
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