Tekla BIMsight evolves to the next level -
Trimble Connect for Desktop

The highly successful Tekla BIMsight is reaching the next level: Trimble Connect for Desktop. Trimble Connect for Desktop is a free software and has most of the functionalities of Tekla BIMsight and much more.

Trimble Connect Full version is a cloud-based platform that provides up-to-the-minute, construction-ready project information: view, review and reference Building information models, drawings and other data you need for a successful construction project.

Download Trimble Connect for Desktop - it's free

Open your models and point clouds and start to learn Trimble Connect through the desktop version.



Download & install Trimble Connect for Desktop

After registering you can also access Trimble Connect for Web and Mobile.
Trimble Connect is available in 17 languages.


Learn Trimble Connect

Find tutorial videos, help documents and discussion forums in the Support Center.


Upgrade to Trimble Connect Full version

Benefits of Full version:

  • Workflow tools
  • Unlimited amount of projects
  • Unlimited storage

Contact Trimble sales office.


Trimble Connect for Desktop and Tekla BIMsight features

Feature Trimble Connect for Desktop Tekla BIMsight
3D navigation
Viewing multiple models
Clip planes
Desktop API  
Customizable user interface  
Enhanced 3D experience (directx)  
Save model views
Object / Model coloring and transparency
Point clouds  
Finding and grouping objects from models
Quality by object group  
Create notes (TODOs)
Status sharing*  
Clash detection*  
Share notes*  
Sharing the aggregated project*  

* = included in Trimble Connect Full version

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The Development Team you know

Our team has been developing Tekla BIMsight from 2010 - 2015. Since 2015 this same team has been developing Trimble Connect. We hope that you enjoy the new tool.

Regards, Trimble Connect Development Team

In a nutshell: Trimble Connect Full version

  • Combination of Trimble Connect platform, workflow tools and online support
  • Adds value to Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds
  • Available for web, desktop, mobile and Mixed Reality
  • Integrates with over 60 industry tools
  • Available in 17 languages

  • Project status at a glance
  • Up-to-date models and plans always with you
  • Data is stored in a secure cloud service
  • Share data with your project team
  • Model based communication
  • Project history automatically saved
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Fully scalable

Online support
Trimble Connect online support is available 24/7. Tekla Discussion Forum has a dedicated section for Trimble Connect. You can also reach us via e-mail at connect-support@trimble.com.

Data security
Trimble Connect data is always safe and secure. The infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information, read the detailed document about data security and privacy policy at Tekla website.

Success Stories

Sweco successfully replaces Tekla BIMsight with Trimble Connect

“I have switched to use Trimble Connect for everything I used to do with Tekla BIMsight. And beyond.”, Pasi Kivimäki, Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy

Trimble Connect for Desktop



Trimble Connect is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish


For more information please contact your local sales office

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