Structural Steel Connection Design

Open & Connected For Your Benefit

Trimble is committed to open, connected and interoperable building information workflows. Tekla software supports a transparent, collaborative Open BIM approach. We partner with industry leading structural steel connection design software to offer you an unrivalled constructible workflow.

We understand that every steel structure designed and detailed with Tekla software requires connection designs that vary from simple standard to complex bespoke. Each structural steel connection, be it welded or bolted, base plates, footing or anchoring, must be designed to comply with code to be safe and fit for purpose. To allow all project members the flexibility to participate regardless of the software tools they use and to satisfy the connection design needs of your Tekla projects we partner with specialist software. By working with industry leading partners we are confident that Tekla Structures users can efficiently design and optimize a myriad of connections for a fully constructible workflow.

In addition to working closely with our partners global and locally we do offer Tekla Tedds software that can help with simple structural steel connection design.


With Tekla you can

  • Continue to use trusted Tekla Structures software without connection design limitation
  • Always choose the best structural steel connection design tool for each of your projects

PowerConnect from BuildSoft is software to quickly and easily design different types of steel connections.

Connections are easily transferred from Tekla Structures to PowerConnect.

The geometry is recognized by PowerConnect and the connection can be optimized. All adjustments are sent neatly back to Tekla Structures, with recognition and retention of Tekla connection components (14, 24, 29, 40, 41, 77 etc ...)

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It is quick and easy to
send connections from PowerConnect to Tekla Structures and back
using BIM Expert

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GIZAWith Giza software Tekla Structures users can import structural steel connection information directly. Once a steel connection is in the GIZA software, it can be easily designed. Every part of the connection is clearly labeled with all values shown. All calculated limit states are clearly shown and recommended design changes will be displayed. The GIZA software will recalculate all limit states after every design change. Structural steel connections can be saved to a file or imported directly back to the original Tekla Structures model. When imported into Tekla, the connection will be remodeled in real time. Calculation reports can be generated for any connection. These detailed reports can be signed and sealed by any professional engineer.


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Tekla Partner Spotlight: GIZA

IDEA StatiCaIDEA StatiCa is engineering software dedicated to structural design and code-check of joints, cross sections, beams and other details. For steel structures IDEA StatiCa offer a novel way to quickly design and check to various national design codes all steel connections from a Tekla project. The strong synergies between IDEA StatiCa and Tekla software led Trimble to partner with IDEA StatiCa to create a link between the two programs to benefit our valued shared customers.

IDEA StatiCa provides an overall check according, stress/ strain analysis, stiffness analysis, member capacity design, buckling analysis, design joint resistance, complex, eccentric structural steel connections.

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Combine Tekla Structures and IDEA StatiCa

QnectQnect provides software and digital engineering to optimize structural steel connection and production throughput for better steel project efficiency. Qnect delivers QuickQnect™ software as a service to provide digital engineering and optimization of structural steel connections for overall reduction in operational costs.
The strong synergies between QuickQnect™ and Tekla software led Trimble to partner with Qnect to create a link between the two programs to benefit our valued customers.


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Partner Spotlight: Connection Design with Qnect

RISAThe RISA-Tekla Structures link provides proprietary integration between Tekla Structures and RISA-3D + RISAConnection.

The RISA-3D link enables users to import or export their Tekla or RISA-3D models to the other program. All members, materials, geometry and design parameters are mapped between the two programs. Thus, a model can be built in Tekla Structures and then exported to RISA-3D to design/check the members. Another workflow is that a RISA-3D model can be imported into Tekla Structures for accurate constructible detailing.

The RISAConnection link enables users to perform steel connection design directly within the Tekla Structures environment. Connections may be grouped and solved collectively or analyzed individually, allowing for refinement of each connection to the designers preferences. Summary Pass/Fail analysis results are easily visualized in the Tekla Structures 3D BIM model or in a report format. Users may also access individual detailed design calculations from within RISAConnection.


Tekla Partners Program

Tekla Partners Program offers Tekla Partners Program Suite license and permission to sell, market and distribute Tekla Structures and Tekla EPM applications, and many more benefits. Tekla Developer Center is the hub containing all the relevant developer information about Tekla APIs.