Rebar software for placing & coordination on site

The true business benefits of modeling reinforcement in 3D are better productivity, lower total costs and fewer clashes and coordination issues. This is the result from higher accuracy and improved communication. The constructible 3D modeling environment in Tekla Structures helps create good quality detailed designs ensuring that even the most dense and complex reinforcement can be placed and concrete poured efficiently in terms of time, money and safety.

Tekla software provides unique, purpose-built tools for defining work units and sequences using modeled cast in place concrete geometry. This capability to accurately model pours allows those responsible for on-site operations to plan construction work effectively, in addition to easily coordinating rebar releases and the correct locations of pour breaks with design and production teams. Because material reporting is automated, quantifying and reporting precise pour-specific material quantities for concrete, rebar, embeds and formwork is quick and easy.

Thanks to 3D visualizations of dense rebar areas or placing order, fabrication and field personnel have better understanding of the work, which can reduce RFIs and improve both the efficiency and quality. With easy to use mobile tools, everybody can access the visual 3D information regardless of location or computer skills.


Coordinated detailed design ensures smooth progress on site

  • Tools developed especially for modeling cast in place concrete make creation of constructible concrete geometries quick and easy.
  • You can place concrete embeds to the exact location just by dragging and dropping.
  • Coordinate reinforcing steel and embeds and fix possible problems early.
  • Exchange models in IFC format and work effectively with complementary solutions using standard formats such as PDF, DXF, DWG and DGN.


Easy access to information and on-demand reporting

  • Automated, flexible tools allow managing construction-quality information according to structure types, pours, production and delivery units.
  • Create on-demand reports, bending schedules and drawings directly from the model.
  • Model as single source ensures up-to-date, consistent information in drawings, material lists and schedules.
  • Those who plan and manage production and construction can work in the same model with detailing team, utilizing detailed models and adding information using Tekla Model Sharing.


Know your work

  • Include 3D visualizations of rebar cages, complex joints and placing sequence in drawings.
  • Visualize fabrication status, follow up project progress, coordinate and communicate clearly with others using the 3D model.
  • Share, combine, review and consume model data and documents with easy to use collaboration tools such as Trimble Connect.

With Tekla you can

  • Cut total costs and time for placing rebar and pouring concrete
  • Ensure constructibility, detect clashes and find and fix problems early
  • Remove the hassle, find required information quickly and easily
  • Visualize information and communicate and coordinate effectively
  • Understand the work at hand easily
  • Identify and accommodate to project changes quickly
  • Communicate clearly using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile