Construction software for rebar fabrication

Inefficient transfer of fabrication information, uncoordinated documents and unclear communication lead to wasting material and create unnecessary work throughout the reinforcing steel supply chain. Working with Tekla software increases productivity and prevents rework because of improved documentation and more efficient management and transfer of information between detailing, fabrication and field.

When the constructible Tekla model is the source for all deliverables, you always have the same good quality information at hand to be used for bending schedules, bar lists, and rebar shop drawings. Fabrication quality data can be automatically transferred from the model to rebar cut-and-bend and mesh welding systems and to material handling software. Automated tools enable managing, reporting and coordinating information quickly and easily, according to production and delivery units. This helps you ensure delivery on schedule and meeting fewer problems on site.


Fluent transfer of fabrication data

  • Interface with the leading rebar MES software and rebar processing systems.
  • Export data from the model using industry standard formats such as BVBS, PXML and Unitechnik and in proprietary formats of aSa, LP-System, Soule, Arma+ and many more.
  • Integrate Tekla model data with your own processes and applications through Tekla Open API™ application programming interface, and achieve seamless data transfer.


Information you need easily at hand

  • Automated, flexible functionalities allow organizing and managing information according to your process needs.
  • Create on-demand reports, bending schedules and material lists for bars and meshes directly from the model.
  • Manage and coordinate information by structure types, work breakdown structures, pour units and releases.


Drive efficiencies and quality – take advantage of your model

  • Include 3D visualizations of rebar cages, complex joints and placing order in drawings to improve understanding of the work in progress.
  • Any user-defined information such as placing sequence and fabrication status can be added to model objects and visualized in 3D.
  • Those who plan and manage production and construction can work in the same model with detailing team, utilizing detailed models and adding process relevant information using Tekla Model Sharing.


A single, always up-to-date data source for consistent quality information

  • All information in one model: One easy to access database of consistent and always up-to-date information.
  • A single source of accurate information - enter, manage and update it in one place.  
  • In project changes, all associative drawings, schedules and lists update automatically.
  • You can detect and report design changes in reference model revisions automatically.


With Tekla you can

  • Save time and prevent human errors in data input to rebar processing systems
  • Find, use, report and transfer information efficiently according to your process needs
  • Ensure that content in all the documents is consistent
  • Understand the work at hand easily
  • Accommodate project changes quickly
  • Drive efficiencies and good quality in fabrication and in the field
  • Communicate clearly with the 3D model on desktop and mobile