Rebar Drawings and Schedules

Tough deadlines and having to respond to project changes and information requests inflates rebar detailing time and makes creating good quality documentation and design communication more difficult. With Tekla Structures, those who detail and document reinforcing steel for fabrication purposes can address late design and on-site changes efficiently and avoid requests for information (RFIs) by producing more accurate, information-rich fabrication and construction drawings and schedules.


Drawings complete with correct and consistent Information

  • Placement and production drawings complete with bar marks, pull-out pictures and bar bending schedules can be generated directly from the model.
  • Direct link between the model and drawings ensures consistent information in all drawing views, lists and schedules.
  • Make update only ones: Associative schedules and drawings can update automatically when model changes


Automate your drawing production

  • Automatically create complete drawings for standard structures such as pad-footings and columns using pre-defined settings.
  • For more complex structures, pre-set rules for different drawing views allow quick creation of dimensions and annotations.
  • Add bar marks and pull-out pictures with a click of a mouse.
  • Generate additional sections, views and 3D visualizations any time.
  • You can create pre-defined rules using standard functionalities in software to automate and standardize your documentation.


Reliable bending schedules and fabrication data directly from model

  • Create bending schedules and material lists for bars and meshes automatically.
  • Include schedules into any type of drawing, or report separately.
  • Export data using industry standard formats such as BVBS, PXML and Unitechnik and in proprietary formats of aSa, LP-System, Soule, Arma+ and many more.


Taking design communication to next level

  • Create 3D visualizations for complex joints, prefabricated cages and communicate rebar placement sequences.
  • 3D views and visualizations can be included in drawings or 3D models viewed with collaboration tools such as Trimble Connect.


With Tekla you can

  • Automate repetitive work in creation of drawings and bending schedules
  • Avoid human errors and keep information in all documents consistent
  • Number rebar automatically and ensure reliability of schedules and drawings
  • Transfer fabrication-quality data efficiently  
  • Quickly adapt to project changes and keep all documents up-to-date
  • Save time thanks to fewer RFIs from factory and site
  • Improve communication and drive efficiencies and quality in fabrication and in the field