Easy access to accurate data for planning and controlling precast fabrication

Inefficient transfer of fabrication data, incorrect or inaccurate documents and insufficient communication between project members lead to waste, unnecessary work and affect production quality. Model-based workflows increase productivity, enhance information transfer, prevent human errors and help staying in schedule.

The accurate Tekla models offer easy access to quantities, geometry and material information for planning and controlling fabrication. The software integrates with precast concrete and rebar production machinery and it offers open, readable data for production management. When the constructible Tekla model is used as the source of information, you always have the same consistent data to utilize for material reports, fabrication drawings and data files created for CAM software.

Sequence and status information in the as-built models make planning and monitoring production easier and ensure reliable delivery according the schedule. With easy-to-use mobile solutions, everybody can enjoy the visual model information. This allows fabrication personnel quickly understand the design intent and improves both the efficiency and quality of the production.


Key functionalities:

Integrate to machinery; interface with production management software

  • Tekla integrates to all leading precast and rebar production automation systems and industry standards such as PXML, Unitechnik and BVBS. (CAD-CAM)
  • Interface with ERP systems and export model data to industry standard software solutions such as MS Excel.
  • Your own applications can communicate within the Tekla modeling environment using the Tekla Open API™ application programming interface.


The information you need at hand

  • Categorize models by object groups, building sections, project phases and deliveries.
  • Erection sequence and detailing status information in the model help production planning.
  • Visualize production status with the model to monitor and communicate progress.
  • Generate up-to-date material reports and transportation lists from the information rich model.


Mobile solutions bring visual model information to the shop floor


  • Share and collaborate with internal and external project stakeholders by utilizing the Trimble Connect collaboration platform. For instance, you can share precast element models, drawings and production data.
  • View, navigate and get part information from the accurate model with the easy-to-use mobile tools.


With Tekla you can

  • Link BIM to production automation systems (CAD-CAM).
  • Get quantities for scheduling and procurement quickly.
  • Exchange data with production management solutions.
  • Understand the design intent easily.
  • Utilize model data to plan production.
  • Monitor progress and ensure delivery according to schedule.