Precast concrete detailing

BIM Software for accurate, error-free precast concrete detailing

Errors, conflicting detailing documents and inefficient information transfer lead to wasting material and resources and costly rework in the detailing department, factory and on site. When you detail with Tekla Structures you can find clashes and potential problems already at the office with your building information model, not on site.

The software allows you to model all types of precast structures complete with connections, concrete embeds and even the most complex rebar. Tekla works with all materials regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

The constructible Tekla model includes all the information for generating drawings, reports and fabrication data. As project changes in the model can be automatically updated to all documents, the information stays consistent. This prevents human errors and reduces manual work.

Accurate 3D information helps everybody understand the design intent and improves collaboration between design, factory and site.


Key functionalities:

Work inside a virtual building

  • Interact directly with building information model, work with accurate, intelligent connections and reinforcements and ensure that everything fits together.
  • Tekla comes with comprehensive set of intuitive tools developed especially for the precast industry.
  • Tekla Warehouse provides real 3D industry components for producing high quality information models conveniently. 


Error free, up-to-date drawings and fabrication data directly from the model

    • Generate fabrication and erection drawings, details and 3D visualizations.
    • Create Bills of Materials, Bar Bending Schedules and other reports automatically.
    • Exchange data with all leading ERP and precast and rebar CAM software.
    • Changes in the model are automatically updated to all documents and data created.



    Customize Tekla Structures to meet your needs

      • Create customized tools for intelligent connections, reinforcements or model components.
      • Improve document production: Standardize your fabrication and erection drawings and report settings.
      • Manage, update and share your company-specific tools with Tekla Warehouse. Everyone has a consistent environment.


      Work on the same model regardless of team members' location

      • Multiple users can work on same model at the same time regardless of location and time zone, or the speed of their internet connection.
      • Choose Tekla Model Sharing for efficient collaboration or use standard functionalities in Tekla Structures depending on project needs.


      With Tekla you can

      • Detail any structure regardless of material, size or complexity. 
      • Find clashes and avoid errors in drawings and fabrication data.
      • Extract perfectly associative drawings and reports from the model.
      • Manage changes easily.
      • Standardize and streamline your work.