Model-based Quantity Takeoff

Quick, reliable model-based quantity takeoff software

Save time in material quantification, avoid the pains from incomplete and uncoordinated drawings and reduce the risks of incorrect quantities from preconstruction to site management with a constructible model.

With Tekla models, you can quickly generate quality information in order to be confident of your numbers and bid. Prepare to pour and run your construction operations efficiently with a clear understanding of your projects, and benefiting from the easy access to up-to-date, consistent and construction-ready quantities.

Using flexible tools you can automate the tedious, manual material quantification and information management tasks. Accurate models allows you to visualize information and generate reliable on-demand reports for concrete, rebar, embeds and formwork with accurate information complete with logistics and material attributes.

Achieve reliable estimates and schedules for material quantity takeoffs

  • Generate precise material quantities for concrete, formwork areas and more
  • Export to Excel with one click using ready-made templates


Easy access to quantities and on-demand reporting in real time

  • Manage and sort constructible information as you prefer with flexible tools
  • Categorize concrete pour take offs by pour type, location, sequence and schedule
  • Benefit from the structured pour information complete with areas, volumes, required concrete mix, rebar types, embeds, formwork and more
  • Logistic and material relevant attributes can be included in model objects to match your reporting needs


Organize your project information on the fly

  • Create customizable categories by location and structure type for managing project information effectively
  • Automate reporting and information management according to project needs
  • Changes in the model automatically update in all categories, reports and drawings


Visualize take offs and communicate clearly

  • Color and visualize your take offs in 3D automatically
  • Generate reports and drawings with 3D visualizations and bar bending schedules directly from the model
  • Model, as the single source of information, ensures consistency of all reports, take offs, schedules and drawings


    With Tekla you can

    • Organize your project information on the fly
    • Be sure of your bid with better estimates and schedules
    • Enjoy an easy access to reliable quantities and find relevant information quickly
    • Quantify materials in real time
    • Create on-demand reports with precise, consistent information
    • Communicate clearly with others using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile
    • Identify and accommodate project changes quickly