Concrete Pour Planning and Coordination

With Tekla concrete pouring plan you can efficiently manage and deliver succesful concrete pours everytime

Improve your productivity in the office and on site, save time in pour planning and take offs, and pour the concrete successfully. Tekla allows you to model and develop an accurate concrete pouring plan to manage and coordinate pours on site accurately and efficiently.

With Tekla's unique pour handling functionalities concrete contractors can create concrete pour plans that streamline their work from preconstruction to pour. Reliable information in constructible model and efficient information management tools in Tekla software allow automating material quantification and planning for successful pours.

Accurate 3D concrete models are complete with areas, volumes, required mix information, rebar types, embeds, formwork and more. Practical pour sequencing and scheduling tools, 3D visualizations and instant access to pour-specific quantities mean that you can budget and allocate resources better, monitor progress easily, coordinate your work and report in real time. You can create lift drawings, pour plans and layouts automatically from the model. Communication with other project stakeholders is clear with easy to understand 3D information.

Intelligent concrete model result in a fast and flexible concrete pouring plan

  • Objects with the same concrete mix merge automatically into a monolith structure, allowing reliable quantity take offs (QTO)
  • Organize, sequence and schedule pours easily with interactive tools


Define pours accurately with easy pour break tools

  • Easy to use tools for breaking concrete models to pours
  • You can check that your pour plan is correct with the model and visualize pours in 3D
  • In case of changes, simply click and drag the pour breaks to place - what you see is what you get


Easy access to required quantities and on-demand reporting

  • Manage and sort constructible information as you wish with efficient information management tools
  • Export to Excel with one click using ready-made templates


Create lift drawings and pour plans

  • Lift drawings, pour plans and layouts with 3D visualizations can be automatically created from the model
  • Direct link to the model allows you to generate any additional sections directly from drawing views
  • The model, as the single source of information, ensures consistency of all annotations, dimensions, rebar schedules, BOM and any data included
  • Changes in the model are automatically updated to all individual pours, drawings and reports


Monitor progress and coordinate projects effectively

  • Visualize pours, take offs, planned sequences, schedules and statuses in 3D with the Tekla model
  • Monitor progress, coordinate work and communicate clearly with others using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile


    With Tekla you can

    • Streamline your work and improve productivity in the office and on site
    • Plan and manage pours efficiently with the constructible concrete model
    • Create clear lift drawings, pour plans and layouts automatically
    • Utilize the consistent, comprehensive information in the model, on desktop and mobile
    • Track progress and report in real time
    • Visualize sequences and project status and communicate clearly in 3D
    • Manage all project changes easily