Concrete formwork with Tekla

Next level formwork construction by better planning, quantification and coordination

Tekla understands how concrete is poured. With its unique pour handling functionalities and ability to manage all pour-related information effectively, Tekla users can successfully estimate, plan and manage formwork operations on site.

Formwork is one of the most time-consuming parts of cast-in-place concrete construction, which makes good planning essential. With Tekla, you can speed up formwork planning by automating material quantification and drawing creation. Contractors can save time, prevent mistakes and streamline formwork operations on site thanks to better visualization, coordination and communication that constructible formwork models make possible.

Using pour and concrete geometry in the Tekla model with interactive and automated tools makes creating realistic formwork models quick and easy. This brings great accuracy and efficiency for the concrete contractors who can plan and optimize their formwork operations, and manage the related information more easily in order to successfully prepare to pour concrete on site.

Automated concrete formwork area calculations

  • Intelligent Tekla concrete models automatically give correct formwork areas for planning
  • Instant formwork area quantification can be organized according to location, pour type, sequence and planned formwork type and visualized in 3D
  • Create reports and export to Excel with one click


Plan placing and model constructible formwork quickly and easily

  • Automated, dynamic tools allow accurate placing of all formwork
  • Parametric customizable objects adapt automatically to concrete geometry, thickness and angle
  • Flexible placing of different formwork panels, corners, shoring and pouring platforms
  • Customizable tools enable automating repetitive tasks like placing formwork ties and clamps


Instant material quantification and drawings directly from the model

  • Real-time material take offs and flexible tools allow you to manage constructible information effectively
  • Create formwork drawings, complete with annotations, dimensions and 3D visualizations automatically from the model
  • Changes in the model automatically update to all drawings and reports


Use ready-made components or create your own

  • Utilize ready-made formwork component libraries
  • Tekla Warehouse offers an easy access to real manufacturers’ model components
  • You can create and customize your own formwork components in Tekla


Communicate your formwork requirements clearly

  • 3D models make understanding the requirements to formwork quick and easy for everyone on site
  • Detect clashes and find and fix problems early with the 3D model
  • Coordinate work and communicate clearly with others using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile


With Tekla you can

  • Estimate and plan better with an instant access to required formwork areas
  • Streamline formwork planning, management and coordination on site
  • Automate material quantification, report in real time and manage all information more easily
  • Prevent mistakes and ensure smooth progress on site when preparing to pour
  • Create clear formwork plans and drawings directly from model
  • Communicate clearly with others using the 3D model
  • Manage all changes easily


See Tekla software in use

Formwork planning made quick and easy