Accurate Fabrication

From Tekla Structures bridge model you can produce all manufacturing outputs of rebar and steel assemblies as well as total precast bridge solutions. The correct assemblies, parts and elements delivered to the right place at the right time.

Fabrication of Steel assemblies and Rebar

  • Create LOD 400 data for steel or rebar workshop 
  • Complete assemblies and standard part production 
  • Detail and fabricate of all kinds of standard profiles and materials 
    • Tubular and elliptical sections 
    • Individual welds and bolts
  • Export data automatically to MES software 
  • Export automatically to cut-and-bend and mesh welding systems 
  • Link directly to CNC machines and welding robotics 
  • Eliminate significant risk, job steps and the chance for error 
  • Eliminate the need to generate and approve shop drawings 
  • Reduce RFIs and make prefabrication and rebar placing more efficient
  • Print off a paper/PDF version, if needed, at any point in the process 
  • More efficient prefabrication and rebar placing on-site 

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Production of Precast bridges 

  • Streamline the whole structural workflow in precast design and fabrication
  • Correct, error-free elements efficiently
  • Better constructability with Level of detail in design (LOD 400)
  • Easy cloning of general elements
  • Opportunity to create your own components 
  • Link with production machinery and avoid human errors 
  • Reduce the fit issues during erection 
  • Reduce the roadway detours
  • Reduce material waste and minimize the need for rework 
  • Enhance communication and coordination by using the model 

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