BIM software in Construction

Move your teams to BIM-based collaborative construction and achieve your deadlines and maximize cost savings along the project. Achieve better project delivery and competitive advantage.

Better collaboration on site

  • Use 3D visualization to improve the understanding of the design intent
  • Simulating different construction sequences, selecting the most efficient methods for the field
  • Efficient design and task communication with subcontractors
  • Inform the updates and stay updated about changes that the others in the project make
  • Increase project team satisfaction with communication transparency, visibility and understanding
  • Owner can keep a record of revisions
  • Use Trimble Connect application to publish and share your Tekla Structures bridge model – on mobile or desktop

Manage easily with information models

  • Find problems easier and faster with clash check
  • Prevent mistakes that stop work on-site
  • Sequence project schedules section by section
  • 4D BrIM animation highlighting operations on the critical path
  • Order right material at the right time
  • Speed up the erection
  • Improve the quality of your scaffolding
  • Model the formwork and quantities for each concrete pour
  • Improve the logistics (order rebar in right time, find the needed objects on site)
  • Print fewer drawings, reduce paperwork (ecological aspect)

Provide the bridge owner with an operational as-built model

  • Update the occurring changes to the model and provide the as-built model for the bridge owner to be used in bridge health monitoring and facility management

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