BIM Software Training and Support Services - Succeed with your Tekla Software

We offer services close to you – for example local support, training, consultation and online services like Tekla User Assistance. Our first priority is to fulfill the needs of our customers. 


We do not want to leave you alone with your Tekla software solution. We offer different kinds of support and services for different areas and solutions. Here you find all Tekla services – contact us to find out more about availability and the services that fulfill your needs.

Tekla Developer Center

Tekla Developer Center is the one-stop-hub for all Tekla Open API material. Tekla Developer Center contains API reference, programming guides, exercises, code examples and much more. It is also a community, where you can post questions and share best practices.

Tekla User Assistance

The Tekla product-specific Tekla User Assistance services are 24/7 online support channels for fast self service, where users of Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds can find all the product guides, additional knowledge-base articles and instructional videos.

Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Discussion Forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla products. You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from support personnel.

Training courses

We believe that the users of Tekla solutions should be able to take the most out of their software. This is why we provide specialied training courses for both new and advanced Tekla users.

Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse is a free, global BIM storage of Tekla Structures add-ons, libraries and templates. It offers an easy, convenient way to produce high quality models efficiently.

Version deliveries

We take care that our customers are informed of updates to their solutions. The latest product versions contain the most up-to-date functionality and bug fixes. We can also perform the version installation or help customers with it.


Tekla  helpdesks  support the customers' daily operations so that our systems function as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Installation and integration

Fast, efficient and successful system installation and integration is essential for smoothly running operations. The installation and integration service includes configuration tasks needed to tailor the product to fit the customer’s processes and environment.

(*) = This link requires a Trimble Identity and a Maintenance contract



Tekla Maintenance is what you need for taking care of your software tools. With Maintenance, you can upgrade to the latest up-to-date software when you want, and utilize additional tools. 

Maintenance offers you access to local, high quality user support and online services such as Tekla User Assistance and Discussion forum. Additionally, you can keep improving your skills thanks user meetings, online videos, webinars and seminars. Tekla Structures Maintenance has no hidden costs.

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Benefits Maintenance Off Maintenance
Tekla Webinars
Tekla User Assistance Access
Tekla User Assistance Support Articles
Tekla Helpdesk
Tekla Discussion Forum
Software version updates with regional environments, service releases and learning material
Free library of applications and much more in Tekla Warehouse * 
Subsidized Tekla event(s) **

* For Tekla Structures only

** Subject to change by area