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Recreation center Flamingo: BIM adds momentum to the construction site of the year


The Flamingo recreational center was voted as the best construction site in Finland in 2007 by the leading construction magazine in Finland, Rakennuslehti. SRV, responsible for the construction, used Tekla Structures software. Production planning and utilization of the building’s information model (BIM) have been exemplary throughout the project. On the construction site, occupational safety and cleanliness are of the highest level.

BIM adds momentum to the construction site of the year

The site reserved for the Flamingo recreational center construction project covers some 94,000 square feet. The center will comprise business premises, a hotel, a leisure entertainment center, a water park and spa, and a health and fitness center. The overall budget for the project is approximately EUR 140 million. Construction work started in the spring of 2006 and was completed early September 2008.

Managing and scheduling the building process using a 4D model

Tekla Structures is the software of choice the urgent and demanding Flamingo project. The software allows for the creation of an accurate 3D and 4D structural model, regardless of the materials in use or complexity of the structure. 4D modeling means that you can add a time dimension to the building information model.
"Modeling means you can detect defects in advance, which is a great advantage on site," says Construction Supervisor Jukka Nikkola of the SRV Group.
"Building information modeling includes the building components for the architect, structural engineer, and building equipment systems," explains Project Engineer Jyrki Maalahti.
To support production control, the model frame created in Tekla Structures contains 392,000 modeled elements. Engineering company Finnmap Consulting played a key role in this task. The model frame contains a link to the systems used by both Ruukki, the frame manufacturer, and the hollow-core slab provider, Parma.

"You can display the design, manufacturing, and mounting schedules as well as the completion status for each element, making it easy to check the status of each element in the computer display," adds Maalahti.

Tekla Structures for building control

"Flamingo is an advanced and exemplary project, even when considered globally," says Heikki Haikonen, Director of the construction management segment at Tekla. "We have great belief that the utilization of building information models will become more popular on sites, and that the BIM shared by the project parties is the correct trend and mode of operation," he continues.
Tekla Structures software is a leading building information modeling solution. With Tekla Structures, the same model can be used to produce results for analyses and plans, and to create drawings and reports. It also enables the parties in a building project to share an up-to-date model in all stages of the project. Tekla Structures can be used to model not only the structures in the project but also the building processes from conceptual design to site management, planning resources and quantities of materials, and scheduling.
The Tekla model covers the entire structural design process from conceptual design to detailing, fabrication and construction. Tekla Structures is already used by engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, precast concrete designers and manufacturers as well as construction companies in more than 80 countries.