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If you have to choose between quality and productivity, you’re doing it wrong.

Structural engineering offices have an opportunity to take control of construction progress by delivering the industry reliable project certainty to mitigate risk for profit, projects and planet. Tekla software transforms information into insight to drive your project productivity.

Time and cost overruns are regrettably normal in construction, and in 2020 McKinsey & Company reported that earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) are only around 5 percent despite the presence of significant risk in the industry. Engineers can deliver differently to drive common understanding with information-rich structural building information models [BIM] to enhance efficiency in every project phase. With truly constructible Tekla models the team from the design office, factory, and site can be united with shared insight into what needs to be done.

Tekla Structural BIM software enhances understanding, anticipates issues, and enables clear communication.

BIM delivering nuclear quality at Hinkley Point C

At Hinkley Point C (HPC) in Somerset, EDF is building two new nuclear reactors, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain to provide zero-carbon electricity. 

To drive project efficiency, EDF created a special Tekla team to control and optimize a truly constructible cast-in-place reinforced concrete building information model complete with detailed rebar. The Civil engineering design was shared between ICOS (EGIS, Tractebel and SETEC) all based in France and ATKINS in the UK. ICOS had responsibility for the central part of the project. ATKINS contracted to provide the detailed design of a number of work packages. As part of these design packages ICOS and Atkins created a fully integrated 3D reinforcement model with Tekla Structures which was provided to EDF and BYLOR.

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Using Tekla Structures, L&T was able to create a 3D model of the entire power plant, which helped them to identify and resolve clashes in the design phase

Significant efficiency achieved in Combined Cycle Power Project

Using Tekla Structures, engineers at @ Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) - Sargent & Lundy Lrd were able to create a truly constructible model of an entire power plant. The complexity of the design required a much higher initial investment in its construction. The accurate 3D model helped them to identify and resolve clashes in the design phase, and plan the construction process in detail.

With truly constructible Tekla models, the team from the design office, factory, and site can be united with shared insight into what needs to be done.

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Coteccons used Tekla Structures and completed the groundbreaking Landmark 81 project in Vietnam 45 days ahead of schedule

The tallest building in SEA Finished ahead of schedule

From precise and flexible rebar detailing, creating and managing 3D models, to vastly improved collaboration throughout the entire construction workflow. We used Tekla as it was the ideal choice that provided numerous benefits throughout our BIM process

Ho Van Thao, Project Director at construction firm Coteccons.

Designed by British firm Atkins, Landmark 81 project in Vietnam; the tallest building in South East Asia, measuring in at 461 meters (8 meters higher than previous title holder Petronas Twin Towers) was completed 45 days ahead of schedule. Coteccons is one of Vietnam’s largest contractors specializing in sustainable design and build services. The Coteccons team is steadfast in its belief that BIM and Tekla Software were key in making their project a success.

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