Structural Load Analysis

Every structural design project is about safe and affordable loading. Be it single or multi-family housing, commercial buildings or industrial structures, Tedds can help you quickly address the challenge of code compliance without over specification. Applying relevant loads, the first task of every project, is traditionally time-consuming and tedious. With Tedds, you can harness the power of automation, speeding up engineering design accuracy so you can spend less time loading and more time designing.

Wind Loading

Wind loadingThis wind loading calculation for Eurocode and USA determines the net wind pressures and net forces on the walls and roofs of a building that is rectangular in plan. The roof shape can be a flat roof with either sharp, curved, mansard or parapet eaves, and a monopitch, duopitch, or hipped roof.




Snow Loading

Snow loadingThis snow calculation for Eurocode and USA determines the undrifted and drifted (where applicable) snow loads on flat, monopitch, duopitch, multispan and cylindrical roofs as well as roofs abutting taller buildings.




Seismic Loading

Seismic LoadingThe seismic forces calculations to satisfy USA codes allows:

1. Quick calculation of story and diaphragm forces

2. Fast computation of seismic forces based on the equivalent lateral force procedure



Rolling Load Analysis

Rolling load analysisThis rolling load calculation undertakes the analysis of a continuous beam with unlimited spans and a load train with unlimited wheel point loads. The beam self-weight can be included or excluded from the analysis. An optional beam UDL can be applied.




Cast-in-place nib design

This cast-in-place concrete calculation checks the design of a reinforced concrete nib subject to vertical and horizontal forces.





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