Frame Analysis

Tekla Tedds is a reliable, single software solution for both calculations and frame analysis that transforms the way engineers work. With Tedds, you can easily define structural frames such as trusses or continuous beams in 2D, analyze them, link the results to calculations and insert them into a document.

Engineers face challenging deadlines and demands every day, which is why dependable, efficiency-boosting tools are so important. When it comes to everyday frame analysis, you can use Tekla Tedds’ powerful 2D solver for linear static analysis of frames with unlimited nodes and elements for multi-span continuous beam analysis, no matter the material.

You can also gain easy access to impressive 2D frame analysis for steel, concrete and timber from the engineering library, just like you can with any other Tedds calculation.

Watch An introduction to Tekla Tedds 2D Frame Analysis

Data input is clear and intuitive and can be done right from the spreadsheet. Defining the model geometry is a snap, too - simply enter nodes, materials, sections and elements and add the required loading/load cases. Analysis results like model geometry, loading and results for shear, moment, deflection, axial deflection, and axial force are immediately available on screen for real time review. What’s more, you can easily modify input or output as specified results and sketches to the calculation document.

Output options:

  • Results for node reactions, node deflections, shear, moment, deflection, axial deflection and axial force.
  • Drawings for geometry, loading, shear, moment, deflection, axial deflection and axial force.


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With Tedds, you can

  • Analyze frames such as trusses, cranked beams and portal frames
  • Visualize input and results graphically in real time
  • Link results to Tedds calculations
  • Embed frame analysis into bespoke calculations
  • Compile a single project document including notes and sketches
  • Create geometry quickly using automated wizards
  • Design members in steel, timber and concrete. Watch how it’s done:

    Timber 2D analysis and design (EN1995)


Key Benefits

  • Save money and reduce software overhead with a single analysis and calculations solution
  • Fast, accurate and intuitive frame analysis
  • Work with a variety of materials, including steel, concrete and timber