Make Your Design Real with Tekla and Autodesk Revit

In the AEC process, we seeks to bring owners and architects, engineers and construction contractors the benefits of accurate, coordinated and rich data. With it you can deliver the projects faster and more economically.

We offer you free tools that allow the models to move between Tekla Structures and Autodesk Revit or Integrate Tekla Structural Designer with Autodesk Revit. To achieve smooth construction workflows and realization of designs, we wish to see project members to collaborate throughout design and construction regardless of the software solutions they use. As one software solution is never enough for realizing construction design, we have chosen an open approach to BIM and work with partners to offer the AEC industry integrated, open workflows.  

Using information from Tekla Structures in Autodesk Revit

For Tekla Structures versions 2016i, 2017, 2017i, 2018, 2018i and Revit 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Autodesk Revit designers benefit from the highest level of object intelligence possible with Tekla Structures.  


  • Fail-safe model import
  • Maintained Revit unique ID
  • Optimized family creation


Tekla BIMsight for construction collaboration

With the free Tekla BIMsight, you can view the models of all construction project parties  collaborate efficiently. For more information, read how Pozzoni architects benefited from using Tekla BIMsight.


Revit and Tekla Users can coordinate their building information models to gain greater insight and certainty.
To get started more smoothly, also see the Tekla - Revit BIM Workflow Example in Tekla User Assistance.


  • Fail-safe model import
  • Maintained Revit unique ID
  • Optimized family creation


  • Tekla Extension Export to Revit includes intelligent interoperability with Revit. Download it from Tekla Warehouse

Interoperability between earlier versions of Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structures

If you are using Tekla Structures 19.1 or earlier, then please download the Export to Software (v1) from Tekla Warehouse

Open approach to BIM

We believe that no construction project can be done with just one software solution. Read more about open BIM in the construction workflow.

Download Integrator and synchronize models with Autodesk® Revit®.

  • Start the integration process in Tekla Structural Designer or in Revit
  • Synchronize models in either direction
  • Intelligently map section/family types between modeling systems
  • Save bespoke mapping routines
  • Filter in/out key groups of objects, such as slabs, walls and braces
  • Produce log reports at each stage of the integration process
  • Track changes at an elemental level using unique IDs
  • Use colour coding to see the integration status
  • Communicate end forces, web openings and stiffeners for steel frames 

Download Tekla Structural Designer Integrator for Autodesk Revit.

In case of problems; please direct all feedback to:

  • Tekla Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Import to Revit Add-In has been developed to improve the import of Tekla Structures IFC files by using the Revit API to create native objects from the data supplied by the Tekla IFC file. The Tekla IFC Import to Revit Add-In is available through the ‘Export to Revit’ function and more detail is available in the Tekla – Revit Customer Link  document.
  • Autodesk and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, in the USA and/or other countries.

Tekla interoperability with Autodesk Revit products - Tekla to Revit

Tekla interoperability with Autodesk Revit products - Reinforcement and bolts