Analysis and design software Tekla Structural Designer LT

Tekla Structural Designer LT seamlessly combines design and analysis in one software solution, giving all engineers the power to profitably analyze and design small structures. Tekla Structural Designer LT helps engineering businesses win more work and maximize their profits. Available exclusively as part of the Tekla Tedds subscription package, Tekla Structural Designer LT has all the features and functionality of Tekla Structural Designer, limited to 200 members.

Fully automated and packed with unique features for the optimized design of concrete and steel, Tekla Structural Designer LT is the best software for engineering businesses to easily adopt the 3D structural design. Tekla Structural Designer LT is one single solution to use in small projects. It makes design scheme comparison and optimization easy.

Tekla Structural Designer LT effectively combines modeling, loading, analysis, structural design, and documentation. No purchase of additional modules is required, and you will not need to waste time switching between different software products to achieve and document the final design.


Tekla Structural Designer LT is ideal for

Moving easily to 3D building information model analysis

With Tekla Structural Designer you can quickly create physical, information-rich 3D models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate design and manage project changes.

  • Easy, intuitive modeling processes and easy-access user interface
  • Analysis of 3D structures
  • Structural design of steel and concrete units
  • Links to Tekla Tedds for practical workflows for timber and precast concrete members
  • BIM-integrated workflows to exchange 3D design data with market-leading software


Producing 2D documentation and drawings

Tekla Structural Designer LT offers you a single software solution for the analysis, design and documentation of small structures. No need to switch software to design and document anymore.

  • Rapidly produce detailed member drawings 
  • Generate GA plans and elevations in a single click
  • Foundation plans produced in seconds
  • Beam and foundation reactions marked up
  • Scaling and layer controls automated
  • Highly detailed beam, column and slab plans
  • Reports and material quantities


Fast, Optimized Design

Your goal as a designer is to meet all design constraints using the minimum amount of material and time. Tekla Structural Designer LT is an integrated design & analysis solution that enables engineers to deliver safe, effective and rationalized design more quickly, regardless of structural material. The software automatically builds an accurate analysis model so that you can easily compare solutions while providing your clients with the best structural solution.

  • Fully automated to save time
  • Quickly explore and assess before selecting the best design
  • Identify material efficient solutions that incorporate constructibility
  • Optimize simple steel and cast-in-place concrete structures


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Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Easy change management


With Tekla Structural Designer LT, you can

Design Faster
Quickly create and compare alternative schemes and establish the most cost-effective design solution for your client. Become more competitive and profitable with less effort.

Focus on Design
Tekla Structural Designer LT automatically generates a highly sophisticated analytical model from the physical model, allowing you to concentrate on the design. The software’s powerful analytical engine and unique features accurately predict design forces and overall performance.

Control & Confidence
Despite being fully automated, Tekla Structural Designer LT offers fully transparent analysis results so that you can investigate the design forces, explore deflections, and view all the calculations, and feel completely confident with your design.