We integrated the best tools for your fabrication workflow

Together we can fulfill the dreams of fabricators

With an industry partnership spanning over two decades, Tekla, Ficep and Steel Projects continue to bring the new innovations to the structural steel fabrication world.




Roles of the technologies


Design and Detailing

  • Create and run analysis & design
  • Create detailed models with parts, assemblies, bolts, welds...
  • Create drawings, reports
  • Export data for fabrication
  • Collaborate




  • Create accurate takeoffs fast
  • Benefit from model-based estimating (Estimodeling)
  • Manage labour preferences for calculations
  • Create materials nesting for purchasing
  • Create bid proposals
  • Build consistency between estimators




Overall project management

  • Manage detailing, drawings and other project documentation
  • Manage the project schedules
  • Share drawings and project information via Tekla EPM Go
  • Create progress invoicing with real-time status information
  • Make decisions based on device-independent realtime status data with Trimble Connect



    Workshop project management

    • Prepare projects
      • Easy access to projects information
      • Parts and assemblies check-in 2D or 3D
      • Optimized layout marking
      • CNC tool checking
      • Document management
    • Manage revisions
    • Creation of fabrication jobs



    Overall production management

    • Build and manage production schedules & sequencing
    • Plan and manage resources
    • Manage inventory
    • Define overall workflows
    • Compare estimates with actuals
    • Track and share status information in realtime automatically



      Workshop production management

      • Manage cutting lists and manual operations
      • Create optimized production nestings
      • Define detailed routings with optimization
      • Integrate automatically with CNC
      • Manage material handling
      • Collect automatically part status from CNC
      • Collect part status from the manual station with a dedicated mobile app
      • Automatic CNC equipment
        • Wide range of automatic CNC equipment's for plates,

                  beams, angles, flats and channels.


      Learn more about the technologies involved:


      Learn more about the technologies involved: