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Be Prepared Not Under Pressure to Meet Net Zero

Today’s construction clients and building developers are more interested than ever in the environmental impact of their structures, and are focusing on limiting embodied carbon. The World Green Building Council has recently published a bold vision for new buildings, infrastructure and renovations to have net zero embodied carbon, with all structures at net zero for operational carbon by the year 2050. Because a building’s structure accounts for 50% of its embodied carbon, structural engineers are essential in the effort to reach this ambitious goal.

Watch our webinar to discover how truly constructible 3D modeling reduces material waste and enables engineers to assess the environmental impact of their designs earlier in the process. The role structural engineers play in new construction meeting embodied carbon goals will continue to grow.  In order to stay profitable and competitive, you must be ready to meet these future challenges, and this short webinar is a great first step.

Watch out webinar to learn more about:

  • Comparing design options to optimize carbon cost
  • How truly constructible BIM drives better pre-construction project planning to reduce waste
  • The benefits of calculating embodied carbon while designing



Sakari Lahti,


Marcus Mitchell,