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Trimble’s latest ebook helps steel fabricators boost efficiency and profitability amid industry challenges

banner for Trimble's newest eBook: a guide to MIS for steel fabricators. Read the eBook today!

Steel fabricators are facing a challenging market, with price rises, increased client demand and a renewed focus on sustainability. With this in mind, Trimble has released a new eBook with the aim of demonstrating how digital technologies can help relieve some of the pressures faced by those in the industry.

Material shortages, fluctuating prices and increased client demand have combined to create a complex landscape for steel fabricators to navigate, who are not only looking to protect their all-important profit margin and continue providing customers with high-quality work, but to also meet key sustainability aims. This has, understandably, left many in the industry feeling overwhelmed as to how they can overcome these challenges, whilst remaining profitable, productive and efficient.

It is for this reason that Trimble has released its latest eBook: ‘A Guide to MIS for Steel Fabricators’, with the aim of helping those in the steel industry to streamline their workflows. Available to download for free online, the eBook covers each individual stage within the steel fabrication workflow (from estimation and procurement through to fabrication, reporting and delivery) and explores the value that a digital management information system (MIS) can bring to businesses, along with cloud-based collaboration tools and a 3D modelling workflow – meaning there is something for everyone.

Providing specific examples of how digital technology can help streamline the fabrication workflow, such as the ability to create more accurate tenders, deliver a traceable flow of up-to-date and accurate data and coordinate deliveries to meet with on-site construction schedules (to name just a few), Trimble’s eBook covers all areas of business. The guide also features a range of customer testimonials and case study examples, to better illustrate the effect digital technology has had for other steel fabricator companies.

Example of a page of our eBook, containing a customer quote. Chris Martin, contracts manager from SteelFab Wales says: "It's all about aiding more effective communication. Having this greater level of visibility enables us to, in turn, be more transparent to the customer, facilitating a more positive customer relationship."

Chris Gatehouse, Detailing & Manufacturing Specialist from Trimble, spoke on the new eBook, saying: At Trimble, we recognise that the steel industry is a challenging one to work in currently, with a highly volatile landscape to navigate. However, we want steel fabricators and detailers to know that there are many digital tools and technologies available to them, which can help to streamline their workflow and make their businesses more efficient, profitable and productive.

It is our hope that this eBook will truly bring the power to steel detailers and fabricators, allowing them to arm themselves with the knowledge of what digital technologies can do for them and how they can get more from their software, guiding them through this challenging period.

With cloud-based connectivity and model-driven workflows covering every section of fabrication and construction, Trimble offers interconnected solutions that unite the digital and physical worlds, helping you to build faster, cheaper, greener, and safer.

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