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Go for green, with Trimble’s guide to sustainable construction

Our sustainabilty ebook, free to download today

Recognising the industry push on sustainability, Trimble has released an eBook that aims to demonstrate how technology can be used to enable earlier and more informed decision-making, helping to reduce both cost and embodied carbon tonnages in a variety of structural framing systems. With a three-chapter structure covering Design & Engineering, Fabrication and Construction, the eBook is designed for everyone within construction, whether you’re a structural or civil engineer, fabricator, project manager or modular manufacturer.

Ever since the UK Government set out its roadmap to net-zero by 2050, much has been said about the construction industry’s negative impact on the environment. In fact, a common statistic is that the built environment contributes around 40% of annual global CO2 emissions.

Change has begun; however, there is still much the industry can do to reduce carbon emissions and build greener. While the attention is focussed mainly on the design and engineering stages of a project, this is by no means the only area where carbon savings can be made. Trimble recognises this with the three-chapter structure of its new eBook: ‘Guide to Sustainable Construction with Digital Technology’.

Available to download online, the eBook seeks to explore the key ways in which embodied carbon tonnages can be reduced during the design and engineering, fabrication and on-site construction workflows, as well as the role that digital technology can play in enabling engineers, fabricators and project managers to make greener, more informed decisions along the way.

The eBook also provides examples of the specific tools available to help, such as the Embodied Carbon Calculator, available in Tekla Structural Designer; Tekla PowerFab, a management information system, designed to streamline the steel fabrication process; and the Volumetric Modular Tool, developed specifically for offsite detailing, an inherently greener and more efficient construction process.

a page from our sustainability ebook, outlining where Tekla products can be used within the RIBA workflow

Speaking about the eBook, Michelle Mendes, Marketing Manager for the UK & Ireland at Trimble, said: It’s clear that reducing embodied carbon in our structures is becoming an increasing concern for building owners, architects, engineers and contractors. While on the surface this may seem an overwhelming challenge, there are many digital tools and technologies available to help make the process easier, providing project teams with the information and data required to make more informed and greener decisions.

We hope that this eBook will help to arm people with the knowledge they need to move forwards, highlighting the role that digital technology can play and how it is there to support businesses as we advance together as an industry; as well as shining a light on the three main pillars when it comes to reducing embodied carbon in construction: high-quality data, enhanced visibility and excellent communication.

With cloud-based connectivity and model-driven workflows spanning every phase of construction, Trimble offers interconnected solutions that unite the digital and physical worlds, helping you to build faster, cheaper, greener, and safer.

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