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Tekla software improves FP McCann’s workflow

Tablet showing Tekla Structures precast model onsite

Following the industry’s push towards BIM level 2, FP McCann has incorporated a variety of Trimble’s Tekla software to meet this requirement and to also satisfy its manufacturing needs. Although it has been a learning curve, the software has enabled the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete to increase efficiency across the business.

Through its quarries, surfacing, readymix and precast concrete plants, FP McCann supplies a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry.Photo of FP McCann precast structure under construction

Colin MacKenzie, Senior Technician at FP McCann said: Being able to view highly detailed drawings and schedules, combined with the ability to build and visualise large quantities of material precisely, Tekla software makes it easier for us to adapt to changes in design, highlight any possible errors and avoid potential difficulties in the overall build. 

FP McCann integrated both Tekla Structures and Tekla Tedds within the business. Models created with Tekla Structures contain accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful BIM and construction execution; it creates more accurate ways of working and streamlines collaboration between all parties. Whilst Tekla Tedds automates repetitive structural calculations – helping to speed up the review process.Tekla Structures precast model showing rebar elements

Wayne Maxwell, BIM / Technical Manager at FP McCann said: By using the data contained within the Tekla models, we are able to increase efficiency across other departments within the business. We are also able to quickly provide accurate models and bill of quantities at estimation and tender stage. As the models progress, we can then use the data to plan our projects for both on-site installation and sequencing to production capacity planning within our factories, enabling end to end precast product tracking and visibility. 

FP McCann has developed a range of parametric components in Tekla to aid the implementation, as the manufacturer rolls it out across its precast product range. The first products developed were a set of custom components for its Box Culvert department. These components enable detailers to parametrically build accurate 3D models containing full manufacturing level of detail.Photo of precast with Tekla Structures model superimposed

Since these initial developments, FP McCann has continued to develop other products in Tekla such as the Dock Leveller Pit solution, Modular Rooms structural solution, retaining walls and trough products – all parametrically designed to export data seamlessly into its production systems.

Wayne continued: Most recently, we have implemented a suite of Tekla tools for our Tanks and Chambers water storage solutions. The Tanks and Chambers team are now starting to reap the benefits of using a completely automated system, whereby our quotation sheets and structural calculations are linked to Tekla to automatically create full models, complete with drawings and production data.Tekla Structures model showing rebar

We are increasingly finding that the benefits of using Tekla Structures is not only its ability to speed up the detailing activity through the design phase, but also its flexibility to integrate into the rest of our business systems. This unlocks a huge amount of value throughout the business, through reduction in duplication and transparency for all parties. Ultimately the use of Tekla is helping to improve the quality and certainty on our projects and therefore enhancing the service to our clients

Capable of producing highly detailed schedules and drawings, combined with the ability to build and visualise large quantities of material precisely, Tekla software is ideal for projects that require accurate forecasting and collaborative project understanding.

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