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Vigcon – Digital Collaboration for Integrated Digital Delivery

Vigcon Construction (Vigcon) undertakes various projects across commercial, residential, industrial and institutional segments. With the coming of the Digital revolution in the industry, Vigcon has embraced new digitalized work processes and construction technologies to stay competitive.

The Singapore Government has been pushing for the greater adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and more recently on the importance of integrating processes and stakeholders via a common digital platform, to enable greater efficiency through sharing of information, collaboration and quicker decision making – known as Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). When Vigcon was awarded a project with 1 st Class BIM requirements, it thus approached Trimble Solutions to explore possible technologies. Working with the Trimble team, Vigcon adopted Trimble Connect for the real-time status tracking of precast elements throughout the construction process, from the fabrication stage, delivery to installation.

“Through Trimble Connect, the cloud based project collaboration platform enables digital data exchange through a single platform, allowing all stakeholders involved in the project to monitor the progress and status of work. This is an area our company has identified as a key area to venture into and Trimble Connect dashboard enables us to do so,” said Than Lwin, Vigcon’s Project Director.

The adoption of Trimble solutions allows Vigcon to have accurate and real-time updated status information on production and site progress. This access of information allows early planning, on-time deliveries and more importantly visibility to identify possible site issues with the project owners, consultants and the trade contractors for more efficient management of site activities.