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Introduction to Tekla PowerFab - Truly Connected Steel Fabrication Management

Tekla PowerFab is a full fabrication management information solution (MIS) that enables steel fabricators to use powerful, real-time visualization and collaboration tools to manage their operations better than ever.

Created specifically for and with steel fabricators, Tekla PowerFab gives you unparalleled control to your operations. The system connects production, project management, estimating and purchasing operations like never before.

With real time visibility to all important project and progress information, you can make more informed decisions. The easy to use mobile tools enable paperless shop floor operations and efficient project management on the go.

Tekla PowerFab software suite includes all tools that a steel fabricator needs for effectively managing the day-to-day operations:

  • Manage your entire fabrication process in one easy-to-use software suite
  • Achieve better productivity and reduce errors with shared real-time information
  • Visualize, communicate and share relevant information within your operations and with partners
  • Utilize powerful mobile tools for paperless production to achieve project and operations level productivity
  • Get all necessary tools in one package for model based estimating workflow
  • Integrate with industry leading software and equipment

Please note: Tekla PowerFab is currently available in these geographical areas: Australia and New Zealand, South East Asia, India, Middle East, UK and Ireland, Portugal, France, Poland, Finland and Estonia, Canada, United States, Mexico and Central America.

00:00 Introduction 
06:10 Estimating
22:55 Project management
33:30 Material Management
49:00 Production Control